Popular Nollywood actor, Deyemi Okanlawon has recently narrated how his assistant was almost lynched by thugs after a guy scratched his car and started accusing him of being a thief.

According to the narration from the Nollywood actor, he said that the unnamed man scratched his car and he had to let his assistant follow him in his car to let them settle the issues down the road. The actor said that the man drove his assistant to an area, got out of his car and started accusing his assistant of being a thief.

The actor said that the thugs immediately descended on his assistant and were going to lynch him when he drove to the area and calm things down.

According to the story shared by the actor on social media, he said;

“Never been so livid! Guy scratches my car and my assistant went with him so we could settle the matter down the road. Guy drives another way, gets out of his car then starts shouting “thief”! Before I could figure what was going on area boys gathered and started beating my assistant!”

“Of course the area boys turned on the guy once I showed up. I now had to choose between payback and deescalating the situation. He was really going to let area boys injure my assistant. A part of me actually wished he had tried to fight instead of pleading.”

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